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So, it’s really over now.

I guess it still hasn’t hit me yet, it still feels like it all was a dream and I still can’t believe it all happened. I’m still wondering if it actually did happen. Even though the first half of my exchange year was way harder than it should have been, I managed to turn things around and in March I finally found my place in St. Clair. My final months in the US were the best months of my life and I experienced things I never thought I would have.

First, in March, I went “Into The Woods” in our school spring musical. I never thought I would audition because I was scared to, and then after I auditioned I didn’t think I would get a part, because I saw so many great auditions, and then when I got a part, I finally started to enjoy my exchange year. Into The Woods really did change my life and I will forever remember that.

2016-03-20 07.26.00Then, in April, I got to go a real American prom. I had been to prom after my graduation last year, but that was nothing compared to prom here. Everything was big and everyone looked gorgeous, and even though the dance was not the greatest success in the world, I still had an amazing time.

And finally, I fell in love with Softball. I never did like sports, I wasn’t good at any sport except for horseback riding, and to be honest I was not very interested when it came to sports. Until I decided to join softball (after trying (and hating) track for a week), and I really came to love this sport. I must say, I’m not great, and I don’t think I ever will be, but I really did love it, and I definitely plan to continue back here in the rainy Netherlands.

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After that all ended, we had the last day of school, but I would not really describe that as a ‘highlight’ of my year, because it was the last day of school, and I didn’t want there to be a last day of school.

So, now I’m back, and I haven’t been doing much (which is why I’m writing this). I miss America and I miss my friends, and most of all I miss my host family. I think I’ll be denying the fact that it’s over for a long long time to come. It wasn’t goodbye, it was see you later.


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  1. I miss having you in our home. It is so quiet without you there telling me all that went on in school or at softball. Marley does not have anyone to drive crazy now…!!!
    Hope you are enjoying seeing your brothers and getting caught up with all your friends.


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