South Dakota (Part 1)

When traveling to the US, South Dakota is usually not the first place people want to go and see. When my parents came to visit, we did decide to go to South Dakota for 7 days, because it was a short drive and because my host family could not stop talking about how much they liked it there. In this blog post, I’ll tell you about the first 2 days!

Day 1

So, off we went. The ride to Rapid City was not too bad. On our way there, we stopped to see Sioux Falls. It wasn’t too special or anything, but it was a nice place to stop for some air and I got a chance to take the first pictures of the trip.


After a quick stop in Sioux Falls we continued our trip, and after another quick stop in Wall, we drove to Rapid City, where we had a hotel already booked.

Day 2

We knew it would be way too hot to do much, so we decided to drive to the more northern part of the Black Hills. Here we took a scenic byway, and we drove through the little town of ‘Deadwood’.

As you can see, my parents made me cross the wild wild river, which was a bit scary at first, but at least we got to see the pretty waterfall!

After deciding it was really too hot to do anything else, we drove all the way down to the southern part of the black hills, because we had an hotel booked in Custer. On our way to Custer, we realized we were so close to Crazy Horse Memorial, that we decided to stop there for a little bit.


The top picture shows what the monument looks like now, and the bottom pictures shows what it is supposed to look like once it’s finally finished. Besides just the memorial, they are also planning on building an entire college for the Indians.

We just relaxed the rest of the day, and that night, we went to see a rodeo! It was very hard to take good pictures, but I tried.



After the rodeo we just went back to the hotel, because we had some very exciting plans for the next day, which you’ll see in my next post.




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