South Dakota (Part 3)

Hi guys !

This will be the written last post in my South Dakota series, as the next post will be a video about our trip to South Dakota. In this part, we will travel past South Dakota, to see Devils Tower in Wyoming!

Day 5

On day 5 we went to Wyoming to see Devils Tower. We weren’t going to go at first, but as we didn’t know what else to do this day we planned this little day trip to Wyoming, and I’m glad we did! It was about an hour drive from Belle Fourche to Devils tower, and it was so worth it! I think Devils Tower was one of the prettiest things we saw on our trip.
We were lucky that it was June, because they ask climbers not to climb the tower in June, because the Indians don’t like people climbing it. This way, we had a perfect view of the tower without climbers!

We did a short trail around the tower and we had lunch at a little picnic spot near Devils Tower. After lunch we started our trip back to South Dakota. We decided to head straight to Wall, so it was a long drive there. We took a quick look at the badlands and then we went to our hotel.

That night we drove back to a lookout spot in the badlands to watch the sunset, and it was gorgeous. There were a lot of goats that live in the badlands and they all came out so we could see them.

Day 6

This was our last day in South Dakota. We spent a big part of the day in the badlands and drove through pretty much the entire area, which was awesome. We did some short trails while we were there, but it was too hot to do a lot of walking.

The badlands were so gorgeous and it was so awesome to see the difference between the badlands and the area surrounding the badlands because there is such a difference. I would definitely recommend the area. Just don’t forget your sunscreen…

As I said, this is my last written post in the South Dakota series, the next post will be a short video with a ton of pictures. I really hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures and reading what we did in South Dakota. It was so gorgeous out there and I would totally go back if I had the chance.



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