Back to Minnesota

Hi guys!

I have some very exciting news to share with you!

Ever since I left Minnesota, I’ve wanted to go back. Even when I was still in St. Clair, I was telling my friends that my biggest dream was to come back during the spring and maybe even attend prom with my friends, who are now high school seniors.

Because I just moved out, I wasn’t sure if I was able to go back so soon. Obviously, flying to America is not very cheap, and since my spring break is in April, that does not give me a whole lot of time so save up for this trip, especially since the whole college, living on my own thing gets kind of expensive sometimes. I had been looking at ticket prices, but when I saw the prices I realized going back in April wasn’t going to be possible.


This was at my American High School. It had the names of all the exchange students.

That was until my friend told me about IcelandAir. Now, I’m not actually going to fly to Minnesota with IcelandAir, but it’s that friend that made me think, maybe flying to Minneapolis doesn’t have to be as expensive as I thought.

That turned out to be true. I did look at IcelandAir flights, they were cheap, but not the cheapest I could find. When I realized flying from Amsterdam is waaaaay more expensive then flying from Dusseldorf (Germany), I decided to look up some flights from Dusseldorf. I ended up finding a very “cheap” flight, from Dusseldorf, with a layover in…. you guessed it, Amsterdam, to Minneapolis.

Even though I’m very excited to go back, this adventure is still a long ways away. My countdown app tells me it’s still 195 days away, and I know, those will be 195 very long days.