London Eye

One day in London

Hi guys!

So this week, I got to go to London for one day! I was super excited because I LOVE London. I love the city life, the busy streets and the people that are too busy trying to get to work on time to even stop and wait for the traffic lights to turn green.

This trip was a school trip, but me and my friends decided to skip most of the activities school had planned for us and just go shopping instead.

Our trip started out Wednesday night at 11:30 PM, when our bus left Rotterdam. I basically slept the entire bus ride and only woke up in Calais to go through customs. We arrived in London at about 7:30 AM on Thursday. Needless to say that we were all pretty tired.

We started our day by getting breakfast at Starbucks near the tower bridge.


After we had our breakfast, we had to hurry to get to the first activity school had planned, which was the old operating theatre. Some people may think visiting an old OR isn’t that interesting, but as I would love to become a scrub nurse one day, I loved hearing about how surgeries went back in the 1800’s. (spoiler alert: it wasn’t pretty).

After trying to find a place to eat near borough market (my friend REALLY wanted Mc Donalds) we decided to buy an underground ticket and go to Piccadilly circus. This was a little bit of a struggle, because our debit cards wouldn’t work on the ticket machines, but eventually we figured it out. After getting lost about a million times, we finally found a Mc Donalds near Piccadilly circus and had ourselves a nice lunch (we were starving).

The next challenge was finding Oxford street. We really wanted to go to the Lush store (honestly, if you ever find yourself in London, go to the Lush store on Oxford street). After walking around for what felt like 5 hours, we finally found Oxford street. We were ready to do some serious shopping, but after walking in to the first store, we realized we were way too tired to deal with the crowd. We did go to a few stores and I bought something at Lush, and new shoes at Stradivarius, but that was about it.

At about 4:30 PM we were done. We were too tired to even walk and we were starving (again). We decided to go to the neighborhood near the Big Ben and London eye and grab a nice supper. We ended up at an Italian restaurant called ‘Strada’ and sat there for at least two hours. The food was delicious.


 After dinner, we didn’t really do much. We were too tired to do more sight seeing (even though I really wish we did, we just couldn’t) and we pretty much just waited till 9PM, because that was when our bus left to go back home.


After not being in London for nearly three years, I had almost forgotten how much I love this city. Even though I was too tired to really enjoy this day, I was reminded of how much I love London, the culture and the English people in general, and I can’t wait to go back there.